Burial Ground

  The entrance to the Burial Ground via the ancient lychgate. A roofed gateway to a burial ground is a traditional arrangement formally used at burials for sheltering the coffin until the clergyman’s arrival.

Any queries relating to the parish burial ground should be referred to the Burials Clerk at the following address

Mick Howard
24 Courtyard Gardens
Kent TN15 7DS
01732 885953 or 07702 322361
Email: mickshoward@hotmail.co.uk
                                                                                           Fees and Regulation 2019
Notice of Interment

 When you purchase a burial plot you will be issued with a certificate which includes the position by row and column. B30 for example is Row B and column 30, click to see map.

The conifer hedge on the northern border had over at least the previous ten years been allowed to grow upwards unchecked. The result was that the trees had lost their lower foliage, become straggly and roots were encroaching onto the graves and disrupting the stone works.

The conifers have now been removed and the roots ground out. The Parish Council has replanted the hedgerow with native species of holly, beech, dog rose, hawthorn, blackthorn and sloe.